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Organised into 5 divisions, QS Group is an Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing machinery and industrial automation systems for several industries, such as home appliances, automotive, food, fashion & luxury, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and mechanical in general. 

  Technologies & Solutions

Using a wide variety of technologies, QS Group provides customised solutions for sheet metal, plastic and polyurethane foam processing, as well as for product handling systems, automated warehouses, assembly and testing lines.

The sheet metal division designs and manufactures automated systems and presses for the production and assembly of structural parts for refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, kitchen ovens and water heaters.

The technologies used range from stamping, punching, shearing and CNC bending, to the assembly of components through laser, resistance and plasma welding, clinching, riveting, and screwing.

Based on product specifications, the equipment can process different materials, such as black, pre-painted, coated, galvanized and stainless-steel sheet metal, in different sizes and thicknesses, starting from either blank sheet or coil.


The thermoforming division produces thermoforming machines for thermoplastic materials starting from sheet or coil. In-line machines are used in the home appliance industry for the production of refrigerator inner doors and inner liners.

Thermoforming machines differ according to the type of technology used in the forming process, which can take place either with the sole use of a vacuum (i.e. evacuating the air that is between the sheet and the mould so that the plastic “copies” the mould shape) or with a combination of vacuum and pressure: in this case, the plastic is “pushed” against the mould by pressurising a hermetic bell placed on the upper section.

The thermoforming division also manufactures small, medium and large thermoforming moulds for thermoplastic materials. These moulds are used in various industrial sectors: home appliance, automotive, medical, sanitary and tertiary sector.

To complete the range of solutions offered, QS Group also designs and manufactures punching and trimming machines, which are mainly used in the home appliance industry and can be either integrated in-line or have a stand-alone configuration. Thanks to new technologies, QS Group has acquired the know-how for laser cutting on thermoplastic materials.


The Polyurethane Division produces machines, automated lines and moulds to foam expanded polyurethane.

Thanks to its long-term experience in international scenarios the Polyurethane Division is a leading supplier of turnkey solutions for polyurethane foaming technology in the household appliances, construction, automotive and furnishing industries.

Constant commitment in the research of cutting-edge solutions and special care for the environment have allowed QS Group to design and produce equipment and moulds for expanded polyurethane foams without CFC.


The handling and storage division produces systems for the internal handling and management of production flows, automated warehouses served by stacker cranes and AGVs, radiofrequency manual warehouses, conveyor systems for pallets and boxes, palletising systems, picking and sorting systems, and software to support production and logistics processes: WMS, SCADA, MES.

In addition to design, construction and turnkey supply of the above systems and applications, QS Group offers a range of related services such as: feasibility studies, 3D simulation, virtual commissioning, revamping and re-location of existing systems, etc.


The assembly and testing division produces assembly lines, systems and software for product quality control and production process optimisation.

QS Group’s solutions are able to satisfy the many needs of production, assembly and testing of various sectors in the manufacturing industry.

The testing systems are fully or partially automatic or manual, with the possibility of “in-line” or “off-line” integration depending on the requirements and restrictions constrained by their application. QS Group’s software packages are available to complete the assembly and testing solutions, aimed at the traceability of materials and information, and at the integration of production departments with the facility’s IT systems.



QS Group designs and manufactures machines, industrial automation systems and tools for sheet metal, plastic and polyurethane foam processing, as well as product handling systems, automated warehouses, assembly and testing lines.
It also develops software to acquire, process and manage production data by digitising the single machine or the entire production process.
The synergy between the 5 internal divisions and the know-how acquired over the years allow research into customised solutions and offer turnkey systems to fully meet all customer demands.
Where necessary, QS Group provides support in co-design and concurrent product and process engineering, as far as prototyping and virtual commissioning of systems.

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QS Group is a dynamic company focused on the use of innovative technologies for the sustainability of an increasingly efficient production ecosystem.



Our commitment to Sustainable develompment

QS Group is committed to developing and transmitting the culture of sustainability, in order to create a social and cultural context aimed at improving conditions for present and future generations and preserving and protecting the environment.

Our commitment to Sustainable develompment

Since 2001 we have been committed to developing a culture of sustainability, for creating a context aimed at preserving present and future generations as well as the environment.

Our company’s Green Policy includes actions in the following fields:
Our organisation | The equipment we produce