Assembly & Control Systems Division

The Assembly & Control Systems Division designs and realizes product assembly lines, electronic systems and software for product and processes control and optimization. Read more...


The solutions that we are able to provide are capable of satisfying the many needs of production, assembly and inspection of the various sectors in the manufacturing industry.

Flexibility and configuration, efficiency and safety are our strong points.

The solutions are based on pallet handling systems, dedicated tools and direct transport. Operator-controlled and fully automated station integrations are possible, as well as the safe combination of automation and operator.

The inspection systems are fully or partially automatic or manual, with the possibility of "in-line" or "off-line" integration, depending on the requirements and the restrictions imposed by their application. Our software packages are available to complete our assembly and inspection solutions, aimed at the traceability of materials and information and the integration of production departments with the facility's IT systems.

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