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Inspection Systems.


Inspection of electrical safety devices

Our inspection systems for electrical safety devices verify compliance with the standards required by international regulations. The system is capable of carrying out a series of tests to ensure inspection, in accordance with laws on operator safety and the certification of each unit of inspected product. The equipment is designed and built based on the specific needs of the client, accordingly they adapt perfectly to the various types of products to be tested, for in-line inspection, laboratory testing, quality control and with the possibility of integration with the production lines. Inspection for electrical safety entails parameter testing, such as the efficiency of the earthing connection, the insulating resistance or current leakage. The software allows you to manage the acquired data, view it, and produce reports and print outs. All of the measured values are recorded in an SQL database, along with the search keys such as model, test date or type of test.

Inspection of functional parameters

QS Group designs and builds inspection systems that are integrated into the line or installed at the end of production, capable of carrying out functional parameter tests very rapidly and automatically producing the good/reject result without operator assistance. The inspection stations are highly modular and can be installed as stand-alone workstations or in groups along the line. The system automatically recognises the product model being tested and carries out the functional inspection. Each testing station is controlled by an industrial PC, which verifies the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical compliance of the various parts of the product under analysis. The basic element of the inspection system is a Turret, which is composed of an electronic part and a hydro-pneumatic part, and is supervised by the PC system. Each Turret, that can operate independently, is connected directly to the supervising PC which manages the testing programmes and the inspection results. It is possible to extract, in real time, all of the information and indicators regarding the progress of the tests. This system developed by QS Group guarantees that you can cut down on staff appointed to inspection, reduce the area of the facility dedicated to this function, and save on power consumption for testing.

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