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Vision and Control System

Machine vision system

With the aid of intelligent cameras and other optical components equipped with high-performance processors, QS Group’s machine vision systems enable the processing and recognition of certain image features to control the products being tested. More generally, such systems allow:

  • Dimensional control in two and three dimensions, for in-line or off-line process testing;
  • Quality and assembly control, with the intention of replacing the human eye;
  • Spatial localisation in two and three dimensions, often used for robot guidance.

These systems have extremely rapid execution times and can be integrated into the production lines through automated handling systems. All of the images acquired by the system are digitalised and memorised. Through specific analysis algorithms the software identifies the features of the image that make the product or component non-compliant with the required standards.

Vibrational analysis systems

The system fully automatically measures and evaluates the vibrational and acoustic quality of the product being tested through the analysis of vibrational and acoustic signals acquired by means of sensors and dedicated cards. This testing system guarantees, quickly and effectively, the detection of product efficiency and quality, enabling intervention on goods that are considered unsuitable or defective. The rapid time required for this type of testing makes it fully compatible with production needs and cycle times.

Thermographic analysis systems

Thermographic analysis allows to measure and evaluate the thermal mapping of any object in real time. The analysis of differences in temperature allows to identify anomalies due to breakage or malfunctions of a system or product so that repair or maintenance work can be carried out. Due to its speed and ease of operation, the thermographic analysis enables considerable energy savings and optimisation of the production processes. Its fields of application are numerous, ranging from industrial plant engineering to the electronics and home appliance industries.

Our vision systems are provided by Visioning

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