Assistance over the phone

Wherever you are, our technicians are at your disposal to offer assistance in case of need. The over-the-phone assistance service ensures a prompt response to your questions and the reassurance that any problem can be resolved quickly and safely.

Our over-the-phone assistance service, safe and reliable, is guaranteed by:

  • Specialised technicians that put their know-how at your disposal to provide prompt replies to your requests.
  • Guaranteed assistance for all QS Group products.
  • Remote assistance through the remote service.
  • Immediate dispatch of the spare parts wherever they are required.
  • Whenever necessary, on site assistance of our technicians.


With a computer and an internet connection, and thanks to specific programmes, it is possible to remotely access the machine located at the Client's facility to carry out a distance diagnosis.

The Teleservice allows the Client to request remote assistance at any time and allows them to carry out the procedure easily and efficiently.

Assistance on site

QS Group guarantees assistance at the Client's facility with specialised internal technicians.

Whenever teleservice is not enough, we ensure on site assistance with our qualified technicians to facilitate the immediate solution of the problem and guarantee a quick recovery of production.

Agreement for assistance

QS Group offers you the possibility of signing an agreement of assistance for your systems, thanks to which you can have a technician at your disposal 24/7. This will ensure dedicated assistance and the most prompt intervention, along with constant monitoring of the status of your systems. Scheduled maintenance for your systems allows you to increase productivity and avoid unpleasant downtimes due to sudden malfunctions.

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