One of Turkish leading producers of ovens and hobs requested QS Group to design and manufacture an automated storage system for oven cavities. This system is necessary as a decoupling buffer between the production and enamelling lines, which produce cavities in batches, and the finished product assembly lines, which can work with “one piece flow” logic.

As part of the same project, QS Group has also manufactured, in addition to the automated warehouse, an automated line for the assembly, testing and packaging of the finished product. The warehouse communicates with this equipment for the delivery of cavities. The software is provided by Esisoftware (a sister company of QS Group) and controls the entire management process.

The complete system began to produce in Spring 2022 and was inaugurated with an official visit of Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey.


Oven cavities vary in size and are manually loaded by an operator on service pallets, uniquely identified by barcode labels. Each pallet can contain between 4 and 6 single-code cavities depending on the model. The system consists of 3 miniload stacker cranes and related single-depth racking, for a maximum storage capacity of 7.920 cavities. Due to the high performance required, the conveyor system for delivery and return of trays is divided into two separate levels, ground and mezzanine.

Once the pallet reaches the picking position near the assembly line, an anthropomorphic robot, guided by a vision system, picks up each cavity from the pallet and deposits it on the service pallet of assembly line.

In order to further optimise performance, the system carries out an automatic reordering of materials during idle periods, bringing those belonging to the next production batches closer to the exit bays.

QS Group’s miniload stacker cranes are equipped with energy recovery systems, with the aim of minimising energy consumption and using the energy produced by magnetic brakes to stop the stacker cranes even in the event of a sudden power failure.

Warehouse management and supervision software

The warehouse management system (WMS) of Esisoftware interfaces with the factory ERP (SAP) to manage cavity loading and the execution of production plans. Other basic functions are warehouse map, operator interfaces and additional functions such as inventory data, statistics, reports, plant synoptic, alarm status.

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