A leading company specialising in the production of cardboard packaging and boxes requested QS Group to design and manufacture an automated warehouse for storing material between corrugated cardboard production and the other stages of the production process.

The materials handled are groups of cardboard sheets of varying sizes, with a maximum weight of 2.500 kg.


  1. The system uses self-supporting racking for material storage, designed to withstand heavy loads.
  2. The double-mast, multi-fork stacker crane is capable of lifting and moving heavy loads safely and efficiently.
  3. Independent telescopic forks allow the stacker crane to adapt to different sizes of cardboard sheet groups. This means that the system can handle materials of varying sizes flexibly.
  4. The conveyor system connects the storage area to other areas of the plant. This system ensures that materials can be moved efficiently and effectively between the different stages of the production process.
  5. The racking can be managed in single or double depth. This means that storage capacity can be increased by making the best use of available space.
  6. The Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is provided by Esisoftware (sister company of QS Group) and optimises the storage of materials within the racking. This software is essential to efficiently monitor and control the entire storage and material handling process.

In order to optimise performance and storage capacity, the warehouse carries out an automatic reordering of the loading units during idle periods, bringing together those related to orders already received and not yet processed and combining them more efficiently.

Access to the aisle is segregated for each conveyor connection with an airlock created by automated roll-up doors. The airlock is used both for safety and to ensure maintaining the atmosphere inside the warehouse, as the fire-fighting system is based on an oxygen-reducing solution.

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