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Global leader
in integrated automation

Organised into 5 divisions, QS Group is an Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing machineries and industrial automation systems for several industries, such as home appliances, automotive, food, fashion & luxury, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and mechanical in general.

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With over 50 years of experience, QS Group operates both nationally and internationally and is placed among the top companies worldwide in integrated automation.

QS Group designs and manufactures machines, industrial automation systems and tools for sheet metal, plastic and polyurethane foam processing, as well as product handling systems, automated warehouses, assembly and testing lines. It also develops software to acquire, process and manage production data by digitising the single machine or the entire production process.

The synergy between the 5 internal divisions and the know-how acquired over the years allow research into customised solutions and offer turnkey systems to fully meet all customer demands.

Where necessary, QS Group provides support in co-design and concurrent product and process engineering, as far as prototyping and virtual commissioning of systems.

QS Group puts great emphasis on environmental sustainability and green economy. QS Group’s machines are designed and manufactured in order to have a low impact on the environment and significant energy savings, while software used in manufacturing and intralogistics processes are developed to guarantee consumption monitoring.

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We offer a turnkey solution for the appliance industry and material handling in general: a single interface for all the production and storage requirements.
Thanks to our 5 divisions we provide systems and machineries for each manufacturing phase, optimizing budget and timing of our Clients. From the feasibility analysis to the operator training, we take care of your automation. Our Service will support you constantly for maintenance and spare parts, extending the lifespan of your systems.

We implement co-designing and product engineering, including the development of prototyping.
The co-designing service is essential to combine aesthetic requirements with product efficiency. The cooperation with the Client is crucial to optimise the industrial phase and to ensure the success of the project.
Our skills in prototyping also allow a cost-effective review of each project from the beginning all over the lifecycle of the systems.

Upon delivery, a qualified staff of our technicians takes care of the system commissioning at the Client’s premises. Then, with the personnel training, we transfer all of the required knowledge on the automated systems. All issues will be solved and any doubt will be clarified. Our Client must acquire full competence in using its automation. This is to reduce as much as possible the start-up phase and to avoid any costs due to unscheduled maintenance or system stop along the production.

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Dealing with us, your systems, even the most dated, can reach high levels of productivity and efficiency, always in accordance with current regulations.
Thanks to technical/regulation upgrading, we are able to improve the performance of your machines or to convert those that are no longer compliant with regulations, offering staff training and updating courses.

We also offer our assistance if you need to relocate your QS Group systems and machines. We mean as “relocation” the service to assist you in the process of moving automated systems from one facility to another. We will take care of the transport of your machines, their assembly and re-commissioning at the new site. Thanks to the QS Group experience, we guarantee efficiency, safety and speed in completing the full process.

We have a huge warehouse dedicated to spare parts for our systems. This ensures quick delivery of needed spare parts and minimising machine downtimes to the max. Our specialised technicians will be able to help you identify the part that corresponds with your specific needs and guarantee delivery in the shortest possible time.

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Our Vision

To become your ALL · IN · ONE partner in Industrial Automation

A circular approach oriented to all specific customer requirements for the creation of industrial automation systems.
The company’s business model is Engineering To Order (ETO): receipt of an order from the customer is followed by design and manufacturing phases.

QS Group provides co-design, product engineering, prototyping, testing and certification.
After delivery of equipment, the company also provides customers with installation and commissioning services. A specialist team of technicians deals with staff training with the aim of passing on to operators all the knowledge required for the smooth operation of the systems.

QS Group includes a service department that provides after-sales support via the supply of spare parts, remote assistance and scheduled maintenance services.

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After Sales Assistance

R&D: Product and Process innovation

The Group’s business model is Engineering To Order (ETO): upon receipt of the order from the customer, the design and manufacturing phases follow.

50 years of know-how, continuous innovation, customer loyalty, turnkey solutions and our commercial-productive choice of providing non-standardised products to match the specific needs of our customers, all these are the key drivers that distinguish QS Group from its competitors.

%fintralogistics automation% 50 years of experience

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50 years of experience

With over 50 years of experience, QS Group operates both nationally and internationally and is placed among the top companies worldwide in integrated automation.



Entrepreneur Giovanni Porcarelli founds CMI with the idea of developing solutions and systems to automate the production process. The company deals with installation of equipment and provides after-sales services.


In 1980, CMI becomes ESIMEC Srl, and begins producing machinery for the household appliance sector.
The economic boom in these years enabled ESIMEC Srl to grow rapidly, which won the trust of its customers by providing reliable solutions.


Alastampi Srl is founded in 1990. In the following years, three more companies are acquired and the range of production processes in the household appliance sector was complete.

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Perros S.p.A
Francesco De Vecchi

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The idea

Quality System Group, a consortium of companies able to provide turnkey solutions under a single ownership, is established.

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The synergy between the companies in the group makes it possible to begin the process of internationalisation and enter the global market.

The company

“Quality System Group” becomes QS Group Spa.

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Esisoftware Srl

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Visioning Srl

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In 2012, QS Group enters the Chinese market, bringing turnover to an average annual sum of €15 million. Exposure to the much more competitive Chinese market defines a new business strategy: not just exporting from Italy, but being present on site for improved customer service.

Expansion in Turkey

QS Turkey is founded in 2013.

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Further expansion in China

In 2017, QS Machinery and Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is founded.

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50 years

The 50-year anniversary is an opportunity to rejuvenate the image of QS Group, beginning with a restyling of the brand.

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%fintralogistics automation%  KPI

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Yearly average production value (€)


Projects done


Revenue from abroad


Technology patents

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30% of which in the technical and engineering offices

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> 3% of Revenues invested in R&D:

The continuous activity of Research and Development, also in collaboration with prestigious engineering universities, allows QS Group to offer its customers innovative applications, before they are available on the market. The company’s daily goal is to research and develop cutting-edge solutions in the industrial automation sector and to identify new production technologies and solutions, which combine innovation, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use and that provide real added value to customers’ needs.

%fintralogistics automation%  Global presence

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Global Presence

QS Group supplies equipment and solutions worldwide. In order to be closer to the customer, it has opened offices and joined partnership in Europe, USA, India and Asia.

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%fintralogistics automation%   Headquarters

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Our offices are located in the Marche region, the heart of Italy with breathtaking landscapes and hill towns. QS Group is an industrial oasis surrounded by greenery and history.

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