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Automated Warehouses.


Qs Group is your ideal partner for automated warehouses. From the analysis of your requirements, through the definition of the solution, up to installation and training your staff, we will assist you with all of our experience. The stackercranes and shuttles, the conveyor systems, the electric plant, the automation software and the management software are fully designed, created and installed by our personnel. Thanks to this strong point, we can guarantee a quality after-sales service, which is something every Client needs.

We have numerous technical solutions for automated warehousing with the use of stackercranes:

  • for pallets;
  • miniloads for light loads (boxes, special trays, etc.);
  • for special loads;
  • multi fork (SMART);
  • with satellite for multi depths;
  • with transfer bridge or steering machine;
  • for refrigerated rooms.

For this reason the choice of the best solution is not dictated by the need to sell a certain product, but by the objective evaluation of the costs-benefits ratio and in observance of the restrictions that apply to your requirements.

The solutions differ based on the type of structure (single-column or two-column), traversing technology (steel or vulkollan wheels, single or double driving wheel, additional motorisation for anti pendulation devices), lifting technology (with ropes, chains, racks), type of man-machine interface (with or without platform, with or without mobile cab), type of gripping tools (telescopic forks, telescopic forks and belts, grab-release hooks, etc.). All solutions share our control software, which offers the possibility of connection for remote assistance, not only on the PLC on-board the machine but also on every single axis control device, through the use of wireless cameras to control racking/machine from the operator work stations. Safety is certified thanks to the use of technologies and solutions that are compliant with the legislation in force.

Particular attention is focused on energy saving issues, using solutions for network energy regeneration.

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