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Foaming Machines

QS Group designs and manufactures turnkey solutions for the stocking, distribution, mixing and dosing of components for the polyurethane foaming process.

  • Ecomix

Ecomix is the machine for mixing Polyol with the blowing agent, which can be either low-boiling blowing agent (LBBA) or high-boiling blowing agent (HBBA), such as Cyclopentane.

Ecomix is equipped with automatic devices for controlling the mixing process, such as the verification of the correct ratio, pressure and temperature of the components. The machine has an automatic tracking system of the mixing percentage and a manual device for checking the actual percentage of the mixed components.

  • Ecodosing

Ecodosing is the machine for high-pressure mixing and dosing of Polyol mixed with blowing agent and Isocyanate. It is suitable for the production both rigid and flexible polyurethane foam for different industrial fields (e.g. refrigeration, car parts, panels etc). The consolidate experience and technological innovation make the Ecodosing a highly efficient machine with an accurate mixing and dosing level.

Ecodosing has a capacity range from 200 gr/sec to 3200 gr/sec, which makes it a versatile machine suitable for every application and, thanks to a user friendly operator interface, it can constantly control and monitor the process parameters in real time.

This machine can be equipped with a system for the automatic control of material flow rates and mixing ratios, through which the metering pumps can self-adjust thanks to data received from the volumetric transducers.

Ecodosing can be integrated into automatic systems with the use of one or more mixing heads, otherwise it can be equipped with adjustable arm holding a single mixing head for manual injection or pouring.

  • Systems For Components Distributions

QS Group designs and manufactures the piping for component distribution to various utilities including all the accessories for high and low pressure distribution according to customer requirements.

  • Component storage tanks

Storage is done in either jacketed or non-jacketed tanks depending on the required technical specifications, the kind of components to be stored/mixed and in accordance to the latest safety norms. Tanks are equipped with all the necessary components to guarantee the continuous monitoring of the stocked materials.

  • Mixing Heads

QS Group uses high quality and precision mixing heads of different models according to the application. When special materials are processed, the mixing heads can be supplied with an automatic lubricating system to avoid piston sticking.

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