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Together with Sew-Eurodrive, which over the past few years has embarked on a path toward sustainability with a systemic and transparent approach to develop a strong orientation toward innovation and technology, QS Group’s policy and ethics are also even more focued on the sustainability of its product.

For this reason, following the market demands of home appliances manufacturers (i.e., reduction of raw material used, energy preserving homogeneity of finished product thicknesses, better quality of perimeter trim, greater compactness of the plants, as well as increased productivity),  QS Group has designed, developed and patented a new type of dedicated machine for thermoforming refrigerated counter doors that allows for energy savings (20% reduction in energy consumption compared to a traditional technology), material savings (raw material reduction from 10 to 35%) and high productivity, while maintaining,the quality of the final product.

The new solution, together with a new type of mold concept and a new thermoforming process, has succeeded in matching what the market requires: in detail, the new plant is able to produce plastic refrigerator counter doors (the inner part of the door) from a semifinished product that is coil of any thermoplastic material by a thermoforming process.

Plaese read the full article on AUTOMAZIONE PLUS and the official webite of SEW.

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