On 22 and 23 May, QS Group attended the Global Summit Logistics and Supply Chain, one of the leading B2b events in Italy focused on the logistics business community. The summit consists of 2 days full of appointments, presentations and one-to-one business meetings to promote confrontation, sharing and exchange of ideas among the participants.

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On the first day, the marketing and sales manager for intralogistics Vincenzo Campanella and Esisoftware WMS unit manager Chiara Mosciatti presented an automated warehouse in a controlled atmosphere project realised for ICO, one of the major producers of corrugated cardboard.

The project’s challenge was represented by the complexity and peculiarity of the stored material. The corrugated cardboard stored in the warehouse required a modified and controlled atmosphere through oxygen regulation inside.

The automated warehouse connected production with corrugated board converting process, becoming the lung of the entire production plant in Pianella. The peculiarities of this realisation makes it an excellent case study in the corrugated cardboard industry.

The system realised by QS is composed by a 26 meters high self-supporting rack served by a multi-fork double must stacker crane.

%fintralogistics automation%

The 9 telescopic forks, which are indipendent in a single-body, drag and collect pallets according to the WMS system developed by Esisoftware, QS Group’s subsidiary specialized in industrial software. The WMS is also responsible for the traceability of batches, the internal handling of finished and semi-finished products and the entire space organisation of both the automated and floor warehouses.

Another distinctive feature of the implant is the forks’ capability to operate asynchronously to handle different sizes of load units. In addition, the stacker crane can pick up several load units at once. This feature improves warehouse flows by completely eliminating manual handling.

%fintralogistics automation%
Animation of the 9 forks stakercrane

Finally, the management and control of atmosphere inside the warehouse is provided by a clearing house which mantains the appropriate oxygen levels and increases the safety requirements of the plant. 

The Group’s expertise and strong focus on innovation caught the attention of the audience at the Global Summit Logistics & Supply Chain.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the event and met the QS GROUP team in the one-to-one meetings.