QS Group S.p.A. presents a significant innovation in the world of in-line thermoforming machines for producing refrigerator inner liners and inner doors. This new series of thermoforming machines, called VPF-T (Vacuum-Pressure Forming and Trimming), can greatly reduce energy consumption, cycle time, the thickness of the materials as well as the space occupied by the machine itself.

VPF-T represents the new generation of in-line thermoforming machines for the production of refrigerator inner liners and inner doors. The acronym VPF-T, "Vacuum-Pressure Forming and Trimming", denotes the particular technology used by this machine, which combines vacuum and pressure with trimming operations during the forming phase.

The combined use of vacuum and pressure does not require the formation of the balloon and it also ensures a better distribution of the material resulting in a 20 % decrease of sheet thickness. The low temperature required for the forming phase contributes as well to the reduction of cycle time and, as a consequence, to energy savings.

The trimming operations take place in the forming station and this ensures a greater accuracy (± 0.2mm) as well as a reduction of the floorshop space required by the machine.

In conclusion, the new QS Group patented technology allows an increase in productivity up to 310 cycles/hour with 1.2mm thick sheets, fully automatic mould changeover in 4 minutes, a decrease of raw material and energy consumption and reduction of floor space required up to 40%.

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