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QS Group is able to offer a completely turnkey solution for the appliance industry and handling systems: a unique interface for all of the production process requirements.

The synergy between the 5 divisions allows QS Group to provide systems and equipment for each phase of production, allowing the Client to receive benefits in terms of saving money and time.

Our turnkey service is also reflected in the supply of single systems, offering the Client the great advantage of simplifying the implementation of the project, from the first analysis up to final installation and Operator training.

The turnkey service has an elevated added value for companies that intend to start a new production and can therefore rely on the skill and knowledge of a supplier that has over 40 years of experience in the industrial automation

Thanks to our experience we are able to offer co-designing and product engineering services, including the development of prototyping.

The co-designing service is essential to combining the aesthetic requirements of the product with its feasibility Collaboration with the Client is fundamental for optimising industrialisation and guaranteeing the success of the product.

The possibility of carrying out prototyping also allows the investment to be rationalised right from the initial phases of the project analysis and therefore reduce costs.

Upon delivery, a staff of qualified technicians takes care of commissioning the system at the Client’s premises. At this point the phase of training Client personnel begins, so that they may acquire all of the required knowledge relative to the product. All issues will be solved and any doubt will be clarified. The Client must acquire full competence in use of the system. This will guarantee the immediate start-up of production and avoid any costs due to unscheduled maintenance and blocks to the system.

We have an extensive warehouse dedicated to spare parts for our systems. This ensures quick delivery of necessary spare parts and minimising machine downtimes to the maximum. Our specialised technicians will be able to help you identify the part that corresponds the closest to your needs and guarantee delivery in the shortest amount of time possible.

We also offer our assistance if you need to relocate your QS Group systems and machines.

In fact, by “relocation” we mean the service offered by QS Group to assist you in the process of moving our products from one facility to another. QS Group will take care of the transportation of your machines, their assembly and re-commissioning in the new location. Thanks to the experience gained by QS Group, we guarantee efficiency, safety and speed in completing the process.

With QS Group your systems, even the most dated, can obtain maximum productivity and efficiency, always in accordance with regulations in force.

Thanks to technical/regulation upgrading we are able to improve the performance of your machines or convert those that are no longer compliant with regulations, offering your staff training and refresher courses.

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