Sheet Metal Division

Dishwasher


The Sheet Metal Division designs and manufactures automated equipment for the production of sheet metal structural parts of dishwashers. In particular we manufacture:

Dishwasher tubs

  • Tubs made of stainless steel sheet metal
  • Tubs produced through assembling the following stamped components:
    • Top
    • Bottom
    • U-bended wrap
    • Gasket retainer
    • Outer frames
    • Brackets / Clips

Dishwasher inner doors

  • Inner doors made of stainless steel sheet metal
  • Inner doors manufactured through stamping process

Dishwasher side panels and outer doors

  • Side panels made of black, pre-painted or stainless steel sheet metal
  • Side panels manufactured through bending or stamping process

All dies used in the various manufacturing phases are designed and built by Alastampi Srl, a sister company of QS Group.

The assembly and stamping processes may either take place in the same line or have independent configurations.

The various components of dishwashers can be assembled through clinching, welding or seaming process. In this respect, QS Group has developed a patented technology, which employs seaming in the assembling process. The continuous activity of Research and Development and the use of cutting-edge technologies make QS Group a company leader worldwide for the supply of dishwasher manufacturing lines.

The manufacturing systems may have different levels of automation depending on the Customer´s specifications. Irrespective of the level of automation, QS Group guarantees full compliance with high standards of product quality.

Every stations, which make up the line, their function, and their sequence are designed in order to optimize the production process. The various stations are equipped with integrated automated transfer systems. Both stations and transfer systems are completely customized according to the product to be manufactured and to the Customer´s requirements.

QS Group can supply systems dedicated to produce specific products and/or flexible systems designed to manufacture products within a range of different dimensions and features.

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