Sheet Metal Division

The Sheet Metal Division builds automated systems, special equipment, presses and dies for cold sheet metal machining thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies available. Read more...


With over 40 years of international experience and several innovations in its sector, the Sheet Metal Division is among the world leaders in supplying automated equipment and systems for sheet metal machining and assembly.

The Division designs and manufactures automated sheet metal lines for the production and assembly of structural parts of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and water heaters.

The technologies used range from moulding, punching, shearing, and bending, to the assembly of components through laser, resistance and plasma welding, clinching, riveting and screwing.

All dies and presses used in the various machining phases of the process are designed and built in house.

The equipment, based on the specifications of the product to be produced, can process different materials such as black, pre-painted, coated, galvanised stainless steel sheet metal in different sizes and thicknesses, from blanks or coils.

Our on-going activity of Research and Development makes our systems among the most cutting-edge on the market in terms of reliability, performance and energy consumption.

The Company is also specialised in simulation activities of the various processes, co-designing and prototyping with the aim of improving and optimising the final product.

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