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Production Lines

The sheet metal division designs and manufactures automated systems for the production of structural sheet metal components for dishwashers.

In particular, QS Group lines can produce the following components:

  • Tubs:
    • Stainless-steel tubs;
    • Tubs produced by assembling the following stamped components:
      • Top;
      • Bottom;
      • U-bended wrap;
      • Gasket retainer;
      • Outer frame;
      • Brackets/clips.
  • Inner doors:
    • Stainless steel inner doors;
    • Inner doors produced through stamping process.
  • Side panels and outer doors:
    • Side panels made of black, prepainted or stainless-steel sheet metal;
    • Side panels produced via bending or stamping process.

Dishwasher components can be assembled by clinching, welding or seaming processes. In this regard, QS Group has developed a patented technology that uses seaming in the assembly process.

The production lines can have different levels of automation depending on project specifications. The stations that make up the system, their function and sequence are designed in order to optimise the production process.

To complement the supply, QS Group can also offer its own hydraulic press lines and dies, designed and manufactured by Alastampi, for the production of critical components for the seaming process.

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