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%fintralogistics automation% Sustainable from the roots

QS Group is committed to developing and transmitting the culture of sustainability, in order to create a social and cultural context aimed at improving conditions for present and future generations and preserving and protecting the environment.

Working conditions comply with all applicable regulations to ensure the health and well-being of workers.

Employees are trained with customised programmes and courses. The company collaborates with local universities and research institutes on specific projects and participates in events organised by universities to orient students to engineering disciplines.

Suppliers are selected on the basis of their capabilities, with preference given to those close to the company's production units to reduce consumption due to transport. QS Group purchases green energy from renewable energy companies.

The work is intelligent and is mainly directed towards the study of innovative solutions for improving customers' production processes in terms of productivity, efficiency, consumption, waste, etc., and the ergonomics of the workplace.

The company offices were renovated in 2001 to improve the thermal insulation of the buildings. In 2022, the energy-efficient LED lighting system was implemented in all production facilities.

The company promotes social activities in sports and supports local education.

The processing machines were completely renewed in 2022 and new environmentally friendly equipment was implemented in the production departments. The company complies with European Regulation 640/2009 on asynchronous electric motors. The company is committed to adopting technological systems for the recovery and intelligent management of energy in intralogistics applications.

The company is surrounded by greenery, which is constantly maintained in order to reap all its benefits, from environmental protection to stress reduction, oxygenation of the workplace, improved work energy, etc. Separate waste collection is implemented in all company departments.

The company pays attention to the disposal of materials and limits the use of products (e.g. paint) with toxic and harmful substances.

The company is committed to a recycling programme for waste materials coming from the production cycles (iron, steel, aluminium, copper). The disposal and separate collection of waste is carried out in accordance with the law.

For further information on the subject, please contact us or browse the official SDGs website.

%fintralogistics automation%
%fintralogistics automation%