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The thermoforming division produces thermoforming machines for thermoplastic materials starting from sheet or coil. In-line machines are used in the home appliance industry for the production of refrigerator inner doors and inner liners. Thermoforming machines differ according to the type of technology used in the forming process, which can take place either with the sole use of a vacuum (i.e. evacuating the air that is between the sheet and the mould so that the plastic “copies” the mould shape) or with a combination of vacuum and pressure: in this case, the plastic is “pushed” against the mould by pressurising a hermetic bell placed on the upper section.

The thermoforming division also manufactures small, medium and large thermoforming moulds for thermoplastic materials. These moulds are used in various industrial sectors: home appliance, automotive, medical, sanitary and tertiary sector.

To complete the range of solutions offered, QS Group also designs and manufactures punching and trimming machines, which are mainly used in the home appliance industry and can be either integrated in-line or have a stand-alone configuration. Thanks to new technologies, QS Group has acquired the know-how for laser cutting on thermoplastic materials.

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