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Thermoforming Moulds

The thermoforming division manufactures small, medium and large moulds for thermoplastic materials moulding.

These moulds are used in a wide variety of application fields, such as the household appliance, automotive, medical, healthcare and tertiary sectors, and can be equipped with tools to improve and facilitate the forming phase such as dedicated reducers, plug assist and both nominal and universal bells. The thermoformed moulds are produced based on the required thermoforming technology: vacuum or vacuum and pressure.

The thermoforming division offers a consulting, study and processing service aimed at the realisation of a project that fully corresponds to the customer’s needs. All stages of study, design and construction, both of the wooden model and the finished mould, and final testing are carried out in-house with highly specialised personnel.

In addition, QS Group has a dedicated tooling area for moulds construction and a customised machining department performed on 3- and 5-axis CNC machines and CNC lathes, with routes generated with the use of the most modern three-dimensional CAD-CAM software.

The moulds are made of aluminum casting, or starting from aluminum billet, with water pipe for temperature control. Moulds can also be manufactured from alternative materials such as epoxy resins, especially suitable for pre-series and prototyping. Depending on the application, the moulds can integrate moving parts for undercuts.

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