Thermoforming Division

In-line Thermoforming Machines


The in-line thermoforming machines are dedicated to the production of refrigerator inner doors and liners. The machines are available in various configurations depending on the Client's production requirements. All thermoformable materials used in the refrigerator sector, such as ABS, PS and HIPS can be processed on our systems.

Our in-line thermoforming machines are designed to meet the highest standards in quality and production. The systems are subdivided into different working stations to guarantee elevated productivity and process repeatability. Infeed of either sheet or coils is carried out in automatic mode and the handing of the material in the various work stations is carried out using "forward/reverse" gripper or chain conveyors.

The moulding station can use the various known forming technologies: with blow box "Bubble Blow Vacuum forming", with a balloon obtained by blowing air from the blowing box; with universal bell moulding "Snap-Back Vacuum Forming", with a balloon obtained by applying a vacuum from a universal bell; or with a nominal bell "Vacuum-Pressure Forming" using a particular combination of mechanical moulding, vacuum and pressure.

The single station thermoforming machines differ by required productivity, which can vary based on the material, the thickness to be processed and the level of automation.

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