Thermoforming Division

Thermoforming Moulds


The Thermoforming Division produces small, medium and large thermoforming moulds to mould thermoplastic materials. The moulds are used in the most various fields of application, such as the automotive, appliance, medical, sanitary and tertiary sectors. The moulds can be equipped with tools to improve and make the moulding phase easier, such as: dedicated reduction frames, plug assist, and both nominal and universal bells. The thermoformed moulds are produced based on the required thermoforming technology: vacuum or vacuum and pressure.

The Thermoforming Division puts its several decades of experience at the disposal of the Client, to offer consultancy, research and development service aimed at drawing up a project, which fully corresponds to Client requirements. All of the phases involving research, design, construction, of both the wooden model as well as the finished mould, and final inspection, are carried out in our facilities by highly specialised personnel. The research and design of the thermoforming moulds is carried out with the use of the most advanced computerised three-dimensional CAD-CAM systems.

The Thermoforming Division is equipped with dedicated tools to build moulds, and a department where custom processes are carried out on dedicated 3- and 5-axis CNC machines and CNC lathes, with routes generated with the use of the most modern three-dimensional CAD-CAM software.

The moulds are made from aluminium casting, or starting from aluminium billet, with a pipe countersunk into the casting for temperature control. The moulds can also be made with alternative materials such as epoxy resins, especially suited for pre-series and prototyping. Depending on the application, the moulds can integrate moving parts for undercuts.

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