Thermoforming Division

Single Thermoforming Station Machines


The Single station thermoforming machines are designed and built to fulfil the requirements of various production sectors, for small and medium productions of thermoplastic materials with thicknesses ranging between 1 mm and 10 mm; with no limits to the outer dimensions. The machines are available in various configurations according to the production requirements of the Client, the material to process and the requested productivity. All thermoformable materials, whether casted or extruded, can be processed in our systems. The processed material is subject to plastification and moulding in the same work station, using heating panels, positive and negative moulds and the use of vacuum.

Our single station thermoforming machines are designed to meet the highest standards in quality and production. The systems are "configurable" to guarantee productivity and process repeatability. The base model of the single station thermoforming machine is supplied by manual loading and unloading. There are several solutions to automate the loading/unloading process of the moulded piece, such as the lateral "come and go" device or the one with perforating chain conveyors.

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